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Timeless Car Cleaning is the number one car detailing in Brisbane was founded in 2012 when there was a hole in the market for affordable great quality detailing to high-end detailing. Since then, Timeless has grown to be Brisbane’s Premium Detailing Company servicing all of South East Queensland. From humble beginnings, we have grown to a mobile detailing fleet with 8 vehicles… Brisbane’s best equipped detailing workshop and paint protection studio. We are able to offer our customers the best result with world-class products and services including courtesy vehicles and pick-up/drop off services.

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  • These guys did a great job detailing my car, from providing advice up front about what package I needed to taking the time to talk me through what the did once it was done. They treated my car like it was theirs and I couldn't have asked for much more to be honest!

    Mark Triggs ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Ford Focus ST
  • Have a 20 year old land cruiser, in much need of some attention. Timeless staff did an amazing job on the car, it hasn't looked this good in ages. Fantastic service and very friendly. Great location, dropped car off before work, walked to Northgate station (very close), picked up at the end of the day. I will be back!

    Oliver Rogers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Had my Lexus IS 250 C detailed by Anthony. Prompt and professional job. Gave me great advice on cleaning my car and products I use. Will be defiantly using this service again.

    Shannon Castle ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Lexus IS 250 C
  • Had Chris come and clean my boat. Did an amazing job will definitely be using them again for all my vehicles.

    Jonathon Grice ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Axis A20
  • The guys at Timeless Car Cleaning completed the full package on my new Mazda3 including Modesta paint protection, leather, carpet and interior plastics protection as well as window tinting. I cannot fault them - my car looks amazing, it is completely protected and the service was delivered on time, on budget and with enthusiasm and professionalism at all times. Highly recommend!

    Kristen D ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Timeless Car Cleaning (Northgate) details all our fleet cars at work, ranging from brand new cars, to mine spec 4WD's. Time and time again I am thoroughly impressed with their product quality. Timeless staff are always friendly and take great pride in what they do! My interactions with Timeless through work will definitely see myself giving glowing recommendations, and taking my personal car in for detailing! Great job!

    Jared Ferguson ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Toyota Hilux
  • Had my Mercedes done on Monday with the paint correction package and I've got to say it's like it just came of the showroom floor. The interior cleaning was just as good, so happy with the results.

    Main Layne ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Nick and Chris Over at Timeless absolutely smashed it out of the park with my Ceramic Coating!!! The service was phenomenal and the level of detail to the car was Second to None. They also had to repair a Stone chip and you can't even see where it used to be. Lads, thank you very much for looking after my baby!!! for taking the same amount of care i would with her. Anyone looking for a team of guys that actually love cars and the job they do..............come and see them!!!

    MARK TATNELL ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Chrysler 300 SRT-8
  • I had my 2006 Honda Accord Euro detailed (including leather conditioning) at Timeless and was very happy with the work done by Chris and his team and the trusted I placed in him to produce a great result and look after my vehicle.... the loan car was an unexpected bonus....a team effort....highly recommended.

    Bill Henderson ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Honda Accord Euro
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General Detailing Packages

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    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • 4WD | People Mover
    • Full Interior
      $ 145 00
      180 min
      • Carpet & seat shampooing
      • Dash & console clean
      • Deep vacuum
      • Deodorized & new car smell
      • Door jambs clean
      • Interior dressing
      • Windows & boot clean
    • Full Detail
      $ 160 00
      180 min
      • Dash & console clean
      • Deep vacuum
      • Deodorized & new car smell
      • Door jambs clean
      • High pressure snow foam & rinse
      • Interior dressing
      • pH neutral wash, 2-bucket method
      • Rims clean
      • Spray sealant
      • Tyres dressed
      • Windows & boot clean
    • Presale
      $ 270 00
      300 min
      • Bug & tar removal
      • Clay bar treatment
      • Engine bay clean
      • Exterior plastics rejuvenation & dressing
      • Full detail
      • Machine polish (Gloss polish)
    • Premium
      $ 495 00
      480 min
      • Air purifier ozone treatment
      • Deluxe detail
      • Premium interior fabric & leather protection
      • Premium paint sealant
      • Single stage Paint Correction with premium top shelf compounds

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Swirl marks are microscopic scratches in the surface of paint that show up like cobwebs in bright light. They are caused by incorrecting washing and drying where dirt particles in the sponge and chamois leave microscopic scratches in the clear coat.

Solution – Single stage correction package will remove approximately 60-70% of swirl marks, dual stage 70-85% and triple stage 85-95%.


Lack of Colour depth is where the colour has faded but isn’t classed as oxidised, typical on one stage paints that don’t have a clear coat.

Solution – Single stage correction will improve colour depth however dual stage correction is recommended if you want to remove swirls at same time.


Finger nails, rings and car keys scratch the paint around the door handle and leave unsightly marks.

Solution – Spot machine polishing, although these scratches are usually too deep for 100% correction our spot correction can make these marks almost invisible. Great add for people trying to sell their car. Price $ 20 per panel when added to a detail or $75 call out fee + per panel.


Ghosting refers to the outline or visible stencil left on the paint after stickers/decals are removed. It is the contrast between the fresh paint that was protected under the vinyl sticker and the exposed paint that has faded and appears dull in comparison.

Solution – Spot dual stage machine polishing is the most affordable solution, $45 per panel and $75 call out fee. Depending on the colour of your car spot polishing may not be advised. The polished area will vastly contrast the unpolished paint. Lighter coloured cars can get away with single stage polishing at $20 per panel. Full dual stage paint correctionis recommended on darker coloured cars with these defects.


Oxidised paint is where the paint appears chalky and dull, it’s caused by breakdown of the paint from exposure to sun,water and oxygen. More common on single stage paints and white, red, and black cars.

Solution – Single stage correction can be effective on white or lighter coloured cars with light oxidation. On heavily oxidised cars, dual stage correction is highly recommended. Spot polishing is not applicable and only full correction packages should be considered.


Caused by vegetation and scrub rubbing against sides of the vehicle that leaves visible scuffs. These marks range from swallow to quite deep scratches.

Solution – Dual stage polishing is recommended as the first stage orbital polishing is better suited at resurfacing the affected areas with its more effective cutting action. The second stage of polishing restores gloss and further rounds off the deeper scratches.


Bird droppings are very acidic and start eating into your paint the moment it hits, heat and dry weather will amplify the reaction, it’s important to clean any droppings off as soon as you see them. If you still see a ghosting outline after washing you have an etching mark where its has eaten slightly into your paint. If the mark looks like the one in the picture sourced from meguiars online you only have light etching and this can be corrected with machine polishing.

Solution – Spot dual stage machine polishing is the most affordable solution, $45 per panel and $75 call out fee. Depending on the colour of your car spot polishing may not be advised. The polished area will vastly contrast the unpolished paint. Full Dual stage paint correction is recommended on darker coloured cars with these defects.


Paint transfer is occurs when a car panel comes into contact with another painted object with force and leaves a layer of paint behind. Common paint transfers are yellow paint marks left from bollards or garage door frames. The actual paint transfer can be polished off with great success, however there are usually a few deeper scratches that are left behind. The polishing stage will reduce the appearance of these scratches but if you can see the undercoat on your car, it’s time for respray.

Solution – Spot dual stage machine polishing is the most affordable solution, $45 per panel and $75 call out fee. Depending on the colour of your car spot polishing may not be advised. The polished area will vastly contrast the unpolished paint. Full Dual stage paint correction is recommended on darker coloured cars with these defects.


Bird droppings that have been left too long can eat all the way through the clear coat. If the mark is crazed, or cracking as shown in the pictures this is unfortunately clear coat failure and can only be fully repaired by repainting. The clear coat has been penetrated and no amount of polishing will remove all traces of the defect.

Light crazing and cracking can be vastly improved and is much more cost effective than painting, many customers still opt for an improvement by our Dual Stage spot paint correction. Although we can not guarantee restoration we can make the marks less visable for a fraction of the cost of repainting. Is a popular option for clients trying to improve their cars for sale.


Random deeper scratches are very common and depending on the depth will determine if they can be polished out. The general rule of thumb gives you an instant idea if the scratch is correctable. Run your thumb nail over the scratch and if a indentation is felt then generally the scratch is too deep to successfully correct by polishing. Normal wear and tear will see your car pick up a few deeper scratches over time. If the scratch is a different colour and you can see bare metal or primer, only repainting is your option. Where deeper scratches have not penetrated all the way through the clear coat you have more options.

A popular choice is to get the area polished to reduce the appearance of the marks first and then determine if you can live with the result. Alternately if chasing 100% correction respraying is your next option, remember that respraying just one door panel can cost $350-600. Dual or even triple stage paint correction package may give you a great outcome and permanently reduce appearance of those scratches without the expense of repainting your car.


There are actually three types of water spots but we will only focus on two of the most popular. The first is mineral deposits that sit on top of your paint and is usually a combination of magnesium and calcium. These minerals are soluble in your town water and when the water evaporates from the surface the minerals are left behind causing unsightly water spotting. This type of water spot can be removed with specific chemicals and light polishing.

See our single and dual stage paint correction packages to restore these spots. The other type of water spotting is where the same minerals have been left on the paint for some time and has started to eat into the paint. This causes deep etching and proves very difficult to remove. Due to the excessive time involved to polishing out these defects we do not offer this service in a mobile sense as it takes more than one days labour. Keep posted for our workshop location at the end of the year.


If there is paint missing and the scratches show the undercoat or even the base metal then repainting is your only option.


Clear coat failure is caused by long term exposure to the elements. This comes in the form of bubbling, blistering and peeling. Nothing can be done to fix this apart from repainting. See your local body shop for a quote.


Throwing eggs may seem harmless but cause irreversible damage to car paintwork. The small hard shell fragments cut into the paint at the point of impact and can only be fixed from repainting. A premium quality paint protection like our Modesta Liquid Glass has been know to prevent damage in some circumstances.


It makes my blood boil when I see senseless vandalism. If your car is keyed unfortunately respraying those panels is your only solution.